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To know how to find good stator, Regulator rectifier

The same model with different price, it's really hard to decide which one to chose.
Pay more to import from high price rectifier supplier to ensure the quality, Final find the quality is even worse than the cheap one.

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Taizhou Jason Auto & Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd as a professional motorcycle parts manufacturer, specialized in producing all kinds of Magneto coils/stators, Regulator rectifies,  Ignition coils, CDI Box, Flasher relays ,etc

With Professional engineer team, advanced automatic controlled coil winding machine and electrical appliance inspection equipment, our products enjoy popularity in motorcycle field.Jason Auto & Motorcycle Parts Co.Ltd offers world-class products and affordable value. As a Powersport manufacturer, we commit to providing the best quality, competitive prices, short lead times and personal customer service.

Customer satisfaction is a priority and once you choose Jason Auto & Motorcycle Parts, we hope to be your partner forever.

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